Deviation Gaming announces their StarCraft 2 Cup

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Deviation Gaming

MOAR independent tourneys! YEEAAHHH! So, I know that gamers are expecting cash as reward and it’s kind of become the norm, but this StarCraft 2 Cup has a prize worth the entry –  even if it’s not money. Deviation Gaming, a local Online Gaming Club has announced the DvG/TechGames HotS Cup and it’s going to be amazeballs.

Apart from them having one of the most impressive looking local websites when it comes to gaming clubs, they also have an awesome sponsor, TechGames. TechGames will be sponsoring a Heart of the Swarm Collectors Edition for the winner of the cup. This cup will take place on 16 February at 14:00. Players will be randomized into Group Stages after which the top five of each group will proceed to the Elimination Bracket the following day.

So, what does all this mean? It means that StarCraft 2 players can sign up for this 1 versus 1 Cup that will take place over two days online and get to win something awesome.


Date: 16 – 17 February

Time: 14:00

Sign up: Deviation Gaming

Match rules: Deviation Gaming

Streaming: Twitch TV

Shoutcaster: Ettiene ‘Celestial’ Nel 

Game played: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

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Last Updated: February 8, 2013

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