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Diablo 3 has been beaten at its highest difficulty

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Think your clicking skills are all that and a bag of runes? Well you’ve got nothing on this particular Diablo 3 player, as the obsessed adventurer has just Error 37ed the big bad himself. On Inferno mode. With a Hardcore character. IN A CAVE! (Citation needed)

Diablo III community manager, Bashiok, confirmed that the first such accomplishment in the game, has indeed occurred. For those of you unfamiliar with the jargon above, Inferno mode is the hardest, most masochistic difficulty level in the game, while Hardcore mode mode inflicts a permanent death on players, should they fail in their quest. No respawns, no second chances.

Thanks to a little help from wizard under the control of Krippi, Barbarian player Kripparrian managed to take down Diablo, before the latest patch was implemented, which would have given him access to better equipment.

You can see for yourself as Kripp and Krippi achieve the impossible, in some spoilery video.

Last Updated: June 20, 2012

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