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Diablo III patched, servers break in the process

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In what’s quickly becoming some sort of joke, Diablo’s servers went down again for urgent maintenance – following the release of the 1.02 patch that was intended to nerf the over-powered (or rather, ridiculously quick to heal) Monk.

Blizzard, as you might expect, are aware of the problem – but there’s no indication if it was the patch itself that caused the authentication issues.

“We’re aware of issues affecting our authentication servers which may cause players to experience failed or slowed logins (e.g. getting stuck at ‘Retrieving Character List’). We’re currently investigating the cause of these issues and have brought all Diablo III game servers offline for maintenance.”

Blizzard managed to get the US and Asian servers working – only to find the servers inundating – hilariously bringing back the infamous “error 37” problem.

“We’re aware that many players are receiving “Error 37” when logging into the game. Please note that this error indicates that all servers are full, and that we’re currently receiving a high volume of login traffic. We’re working to reduce the frequency at which players are prompted with this error message and ensure that everyone can successfully log in to the game and play,” a representative said in a forum post that was quickly followed by 100 pages of angry consumer bile.

While nearly everyone can agree agree that Diablo III is a fantastic game, consumers have the right to be a little irate. People expect a product they purchase to work – and all this talk of a persistent world economy doesn’t mean a damned thing if server woes are stopping people from playing  a single player game they own.

As of writing (I’m up way too early) today, the European servers are still down.

If this is the future of gaming then I want no part of it.

Last Updated: May 30, 2012

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