Diablo III PvP goes live

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D3 patch

Diablo III’s patch 1.0.7 has gone live, adding the structured competitive combat system, otherwise known as PvP, or playing against other gamers instead of AI. Many might not be convinced that this feature could salvage the game, but Blizzard has done some amazing things with PvP in their other games.

Diablo III’s PvP is very much still in the early stages, since it only supports four-player free for all. This is great and all, but I think bigger battle arenas ro team based PvP will be a lot more exciting. The feature introduced today however, is called “Brawling” and this is how it works:

– Brawls can be initiated by speaking with Nek the Brawler, a new NPC located in each Act hub.

  • Speaking with Nek will transport you and your party to the Scorched Chapel, a new zone featuring four different areas: the church, the graveyard, the river, and the lake
  • The Scorched Chapel currently supports up to four players in a Free-For-All format, which means you can battle your friends either one-on-one, three-player FFA, or full four-player FFA
  • Death is not permanent in the brawling world (not even for Hardcore characters) nor will players take any durability damage from PvP combat
  • To leave the Scorched Chapel, players can take the exit portal or use their Town Portal ability

– Demon Hunters, Witch Doctors, and Wizards receive a 30% damage reduction while in the Scorched Chapel

– Barbarians and Monks receive an additional 5% damage reduction (in addition to the 30% they inherently receive, for a total of 35%) while in the Scorched Chapel

For the full patch notes on things that’s not PvP, check out this link.

Last Updated: February 13, 2013

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