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Did Konami accidently force YouTube to start protecting against DMCA takedowns?

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To say Konami is acting strange at the moment is a bit of an understatement. First of all they kicked Hideo Kojima out of the company, then cancelled Silent Hill. They then decided to pull the PT demo from the PSN store and even remove the ability for people who had already installed the game to re-download it.

But they weren’t going to stop there. Next up they decided to announce to the world that they see their future in mobile gaming and as of right now they only have a single console release planned and announced for this year and it isn’t PES.

So after destroying their fanbase they sat down and tried to figure out how else they could ostracise their remaining fans and came up with the brilliant idea of issuing copyright strikes against YouTubers who were saying bad things about them. Now it’s important to realise that copyright strikes are a big deal on YouTube. If you receive 3 of these then YouTube will close your account and in the past YouTube has never sided with the YouTuber but rather just accepted the demands of corporations and moved on.

This has caused a lot of stress in the Let’s Play industry and it appears that Konami’s asinine attempt to remove negative comments may have kicked YouTube into gear.

It all started when they sent a copyright strike against a YouTuber by the name of Super Bunny Hop for using Metal Gear Rising footage in his video. However unlike before, someone in YouTube’s legal department decided to dig a little and a little over 11 hours after taking down his video and handing over that strike they retracted the strike, republished the video and informed Konami of their failure in this attempt.

You can get all the info in this latest video from Super Bunny Hop:

The two big things here are that YouTube has finally backed their users and Konami appear to have lost their mind entirely. The takedown request was actually from an Executive in Konami and not an over eager PR person, as is usually the case.

Last Updated: May 15, 2015

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