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DiRT 3 Group B Rally Trailer

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DiRT 2 was the first racing game I ever played on my PS3 and it blew me away. With a huge variety of tracks and a multiplayer that actually worked, Rally fans got what they were waiting for.

Now developer Codemasters have released an all new Group B Rally trailer, featuring the banned cars of 1986. If you don’t know what Group B Rally is all about, hit the jump for some knowledge.

A short history lesson. Group B is synonymous with a short-lived period in Rally where light regulation and few restrictions on car development led to manufacturers producing some of the most exciting cars that the sport has ever seen.

Unfortunately, with fans so close they could lick the paint off the side of the cars; an increasing number of accidents was the result and eventually ended in the banning of Group B Rally in 1986.

Last Updated: March 31, 2011

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