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Disc Room is a bullet hell by way of buzz saws and it looks pretty rad!

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Ah, the bullet hell game. So simple yet so wonderfully punishing when it’s done right. An elaborate dance of death as players duck and weave through waves of projectiles just looking to paint the floor with their blood and brains. There’s a simple beauty to a bullet hell done right. Yet, the one question that could and should be asked at all times is, “Why bullets?” Why not some other form of deadly life-threatening device? Surely there must be more to avoid than bullets? A question as old as time itself, Devolver Digital has suggested an answer: Buzzsaws.

They’re so confident in their answer that they’ve gone and made Disc Room, a game all about dodging extremely deadly buzz saws blades that want nothing more than to slice you open and empty your guts out onto the floor. They’ve even gone and assembled an all star team to pull it off, including Terri Vellmann, responsible for High Hell, JW Nijmin and Kitty Calis of Minit fame and through an extra paycheque at Doseone, who composed the excellent soundtrack to Enter the Gungeon.


Disc Room follows a team of Earth’s finest as they attempt to navigate and explore a strange disc that’s been discovered orbiting Jupiter. Inside that massive disc are smaller discs, many of which possess special attributes to make them even more deadly than your garden variety buzzsaw. From the layout of the levels, it’s fairly obvious that Disc Room is gonna be some kind of rogue-like game with a splash of meta-progression thrown into what will undoubtedly be many, many deaths. While we currently don’t have a solid release date, we do know that Disc Room will be out on Steam sometime in 2020. No other platforms have been announced as yet.

Last Updated: February 25, 2020

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  1. Hammersteyn

    February 25, 2020 at 11:42

    I’d settle for Discworld game, reboot or sequel.


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