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Do NOT install the Skyrim patch!

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The Skyrim patch, released online through Xbox Live yesterday  and on PSN a few days ago was meant to fix things. It’s done that – but also brought with it a host of brand new problems.

In short, you probably don’t want to install the update.

The biggest problem with the patch is that it severely nerfs resistances. Picked a Nord and have gotten used to your 50% frost resistance? Well, try facing up to a Frost Dragon and see how you fare post-patch. Yeah, you’re gonna die. It apparently affects both PS3 and Xbox 360 players – although it seems to be affecting those playing on Microsoft’s console more.

PS3 gamers though have been treated to dragons flying backwards – and after hours of playing are still subject to that that nasty lag issue that the patch was supposed to help with. As much as I love the game, maybe it really should have been best to wait for the inevitable Game of the Year edition, complete with all the DLC and bug fixes?

Here’s a list of commonly reported bugs still encountered post patch, according to the forums :

– Frame rate / performance issues still remain, takes longer to start happening than pre patch
– Shouts stop working, and upon trying to switch to a different one game tells player they are already shouting.
– Textures STILL not fully loading from time to time
– Magic resistance seems to have no effect anymore (mage type NPC’s and dragon breaths damage not being mitigated)
– Poison resistance also has no effect anymore (now getting poisoned as vampire)
– Going to assume disease resist also has no effect anymore *need to confirm*
– Bookshelves broken, can not take books off them
– Armor stands STILL not displaying armor properly
– Issues with placing and removing weapons from weapon racks and cases.
– Getting a LOT of reports of overall decrease in graphics. Now I haven’t noticed myself, but I’m seeing a lot of reports of it, so I figured it should go on here.
– Dragons fly backwards on occasion
– Shouts causing frame rate issues and brief lock ups (namely ice from)
– Problems finishing quests in the thieves guild if you misplace the armor before having tonilia upgrade it
– Auto saves created at the beginning sequence of the game STILL not labeled AUTO SAVE, causing people to mistakenly overwrite their gamesaves
– Weapon switching times 3x slower on ps3 than on PC
– Memory isn’t being reset properly after you load up a save after dying. (shop keepers have same amount of money after reloading)
– Players unable to start the quest (Reunification of Skyrim – regain winterhold hold) when speaking to the npc she does not start the quest and the cursor stays above her head as if you still need to talk to her to start the quest
– Learning Shouts out of order is causing them to bug out for some people.
– Game wide quest problems when getting quest items “too early”
– The dark brotherhood cowl does not show a face mask, only seems to work for females (Astrid or Initiate) but doesn’t show up for males. There’s a regular version and a maskless version, and they both have no mask and look the same.
– Lydia cannot be married despite the fact that she should be able to be.
– Sometimes when you load a save inside the whiterun house, ALL furniture dissapears
– Many Different quest items not being properly removed from inventory after completing quests (Rjorn’s Drum, Pantea’s Flute, an Orichalcum Ore, and the Glenmoril Witches heads, Finns Lute – just to name a few.
– Can’t complete the Thane of Riften misc quest. The misc quest states I need to speak to the Jarl, but the Jarl has no dialog option for completing the quest. I was getting the dialog option to complete prior to buying a house in Riften. When I bought the house, the option disappeared.
– NUMEROUS problems with the Blood on Ice quest.

Bethesda is aware of the problem, and is doing all it can to fix it. And add new problems.

If you’ve already installed the patch, emptying your system cache won’t really help. There’s a method of reverting back to the previous update but they require a few third party tools. Your other options? Lower the difficulty or wait for the new patch.

Last Updated: December 1, 2011

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