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Do you want a PS4 Kinect? It may be coming

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I’ve taken the mickey out Sony on a few occasions for blatantly stealing other people’s ideas and improving on them so I won’t go there this time.

The question is more about whether you want this or not and actually whether Sony has any choice but to include it.

Last October Sony submitted a patent for a camera that can sense depth and subtle movements using a spray of infrared and relay that information back to a central device. In other words it’s a Kinect which always makes me wonder how they get these patents.

Anyway, the rumour is that every PS4 will be coming with a Kinect styled device in the next generation which will be utilised for idiotic things like voice commands in Mass Effect 3 or throwing grenades in Killzone 4.

I personally am a big fan of the Kinect and hope the next Xbox and PlayStation both have upgraded Kinect styled devices in them but I also hope that they stop shoe horning in gameplay devices that aren’t wanted.

So am I alone, do you hate these things or do you love the idea of voice commands in Mass Effect 3 and other innovations?

Last Updated: February 21, 2012

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