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Do you want to work for Nintendo in South Africa?

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It's a meeeee

So you’re into gaming, you live in South Africa and you don’t abhor the thought of dealing with people and you want a job.. well then this is your lucky day as Nintendo are looking for 2 new employees.

Granted they may expect more from you than your ability to talk to humans but gaming industry positions do not come up often in South Africa so if you’re interested take a look at the requirements here, polish up that CV and send them in.

If you get the job you’re going to be at the forefront of gaming this year with the release of the Wii-U so it’s also not like you’re going to be stuck playing Mario forever and the fact that Core, the distributors of Nintendo locally, also distribute Apple products locally means that there are good opportunities to move into tech if you realise that gaming isn’t your thing.

If Nintendo are reading this, your Facebook ad is pointing to the wrong URL which is either a clever way to weed out the morons or well.. you get the rest.

Last Updated: June 26, 2012

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