Don Bradman Cricket 14–a quickie preview

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I finally got time to sit down yesterday and start reviewing Don Bradman Cricket 14. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive as everyone I’ve spoken to about the game has got a weird look on their face and said the game’s good but very hard.

What this normally means is that the controls suck but the game isn’t that bad.

So I put the disc into the PS3 and loaded it up. I started up a career and was given the most amazing amount of options to customise my player. Pictures will be arriving soon but needless to say he ended up looking like an 80 year old giant of a man with a concaved head, massive green beard with blue and pink hair.

Exactly the sort of character you expect to see on a cricket pitch.

I got into my first match and noticed that I was fielding somewhere away from the batter. After a few overs I realised I was playing as this one character in the team and had to watch everyone else bowl and bat in a 4 day test match.


So I quit out of that and went to tournament mode where I could play as South Africa’s All stars in a 20/20 tournament. I’ll let you know how to get real teams in the main review.

I started the match as the bowler and it took me about 5 overs before I could figure out how the hell to bowl.

For fast bowlers you click a button to start your run up. The button is your choice of where on the pitch you want to bowl (short, full etc) and then as your guy gets to the crease you need to flick the right analogue stick to start the jump and then push it again to choose direction and pitch length.

For spinners you need to spin the left stick while using the right to get the right release and direction.

It takes a ton of practice to get right and there is nothing more annoying than making the smallest mistake and seeing your ball disappear over the boundary. At the same time I was whooping for joy when Alan Donald destroyed the middle stump of that bloody English batsman with the next ball.


Batting is even harder where the left stick controls your feet while the right stick controls your swing. Stepping backwards while trying to cut a ball moving away from you normally ends in failure.

Oh and don’t forget you need to appeal for LBW’s and close run outs else the umpire is just never going to give it.

So far in my few games I can definitely say the game is well put together. There have been a few incidences of the commentary being repetitive and one or two weird looking catches but seeing that you can review them – a system that works exceptionally well –  I haven’t found that to actually be a bad thing.

Our review should be out later this week but rest assured cricket fans; this is not another Ashes 2013 debacle.

Last Updated: April 9, 2014

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