Don’t forget to enter our Balls of Steel competition

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Whether you are a Duke Nukem fan or not it’s hard to not want to enter this comp since we are giving away not one, not two but an incredible FOUR copies of the Duke Nukem Balls of Steel limited edition.

These 4 awesome prizes are thanks to our friends over at and all you need to do to enter is to fill in a form and sacrifice your offering of choice.

But where’s the form I hear you ask, well we are doing this one a little different to usual and you are going to have to find that magical form yourself by heading over to site and finding our special hidden banner.

Here’s a hint, it’s going to be near the Duke Nukem product pages and it looks a little like this

Oh the 4 prizes are split between the PC and PS3, unfortunately we weren’t able to secure a Xbox 360 prize this time but don’t fear Xbox fans as we’ll get you guys something awesome in our next comp if we get enough entries in this one.

The comp ends on Friday and we’ll be announcing the winners shortly after that.

Last Updated: June 14, 2011

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