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Don’t forget to listen to our radio show

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It seems that we all need reminders about days of the week. I do in particular – my lack of sleep lately has turned days into a strange, headache-shaped blur. Anyway, it’s Tuesday today, which means it’s the Gaming Platform on Tuks FM.

That’s right. It’s that day and time again – so tune your radio to 107.2 if you still have a real radio. Otherwise, head on over to the streaming link and listen online.

The show only runs from 3-4 and always seems to go so fast. You’re welcome to SMS the guys at 34996 – it seems that they appreciate the input and comments you guys have. Nick and Quintus are done with exams and have been reunited, so both of them should be on the show today. It’s always so nice to hear them talk about all things gaming – they have an interesting take on things, plus it’s just awesome to have a local radio station talking about games.

Last Updated: December 3, 2013

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