Don't sulk about missing E3, make your own!

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Apparently, it started on twitter with some complaining and pouting about missing E3.  Now, PlayStation is sponsoring an alternative event in London – Etoo.  Looks pretty cool for Londoners, and it’s free!

Based in Soho, the event will run concurrently with E3.  With Playstation as a sponsor, attendees will obviously be getting to watch the E3 presentation, but there is more – they will also have hands-on time with The Last of Us and Rain.  Head of PR for Playstation UK is even teasing that there might be some extra surprises as well.

Plenty of other developers will be there, too.

Developers, publishers and games there include New Star Games (with an unseen new build of New Star Soccer!), Hello Games (Joe Danger), Mediatonic (showing forthcoming title, Foul Play), Nyamyam Games (Tengami), Big Robot (Sir You Are Being Hunted), Simon Roth (Maia), Tom Francis (Gunpoint), Tiniest Shark (Redshirt), Alistair Aitcheson (Slamjet Stadium), Curves Studios and Projector Games (Fortress Craft).

Capcom will also be in attendance, according to a statement issued to TheSixthAxis, running playable demos of Lost Planet 3 and the new HD version of classic platformer Duck Tales. More mainstream publishers are to be announced.

How cool is that?  Let this teach all those whiners – don’t complain, do your own thing.  How much you wanna bet that this takes off and becomes an annual tradition?  Would be interesting if something similar could happen in SA; instead of people being upset that rAge only takes place in Joburg, do your own thing.  Could turn out to be really cool, even if it’s not as big or high profile.

Last Updated: June 3, 2013

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