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Doom 3 welcomes you back to hell

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For some reason that I can’t exactly fathom – because it’s really not that old – id has gone and remade their lighting engine demo super scary horror FPS Doom 3 in their new id Tech 5 engine; the same one that powers their ultimately disappointing post-apocalyptic snore-fest, Rage.

The remastered Doom 3 contains the Resurrection of Evil add-on pack, as well as The Lost Mission which promises "hours of new content."

The game’s out in the US today, Europe on Friday – but will only see our shores on Friday October 26. It’s also a budget priced game – with console versions going for under R400, and the Pc version for under R300. Except at Kalahari, who seems to think it’s a full-priced game – at R529 for consoles and R349 for PC. An oversight, I’m sure.

I enjoyed Doom 3 just last generation but I see absolutely no real reason to pick this up – unless you’ve not played it at all before…or you want to play it in headache-inducing, eyeball-melting THREE DEE. Here’s the game’s launch trailer:

Last Updated: October 17, 2012

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