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DOOM – Praetor point location guide

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DOOM (1)

You’re going to need more than just a chainsaw, fists and a tendency to charge a Baron of Hell headfirst with a shotgun when it comes to DOOM. To really become the ultimate slayer of demons, you’re going to need to tweak your Praetor suit up, modifying it survive more explosions, carry more ammo and be just more badass.

Which requires a little bit of looting from the dead. All around the UAC facility, lie fallen Elite Guards. Ultimate security forces, killed by the Lazarus wave and other demonic entities. But finding them will also hand players a Praetor point, which can be used to mod your armour. Here’s where you can find all the corpses, so that you can get some more when dealing with DOOM demons.

Level 1 – The UAC

  • Elite Guard 1 – Right after you open the door with the blue keycard, travel up the right path and into the caves. In the back corner, you’ll see an automap network. Turn left from here, go down the corridor and you’ll find your first Elite Guard.

Level 2 – Resource Operations

  • Elite Guard 2 – In the hallway between the Yellow card security station and the area where you destroy a gore nest, collect the keycard and go back to the security station. Use the terminal to open a hatch in the hallway and you can drop down to find the guard who is simply resting right now.
  • Elite Guard 3 – With the security station open, go back to the area where you got the yellow keycard. Go through the unlocked door to the right, enter through the vent and drop into the room below to find an Elite Guard who is simply pining for the fjords.
  • Elite Guard 4 – After you leave the Mars exterior, go towards the VEGA terminal. Open the locked door from inside the security station and you’ll be inside a room with a VEGA terminal. Go left, climb up and you’ll be in a small office where a squawked out Elite Guard is permanently resting.

Level 3 – Foundry

  • Elite Guard 5 – Go past the field drone until you reach the terminal that you need to activate with a severed hand. In the lava room with the Hell Knight and the bridge that has been demolished, drop down to the bottom level and you’ll find the Elite Guard in a small room in the right corner to the back.
  • Elite Guard 6 – After you open the yellow card door and make your way across the conveyor belt, turn right before you enter the area with the gore nest. Climb the crates and you’ll reach a vent that will lead you to an Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard 7 – Before the level ends as you exit the generator area, you’ll find an arena section with an Elite Guard. Very hard to miss this one.

Level 4 – Argent Facility

  • Elite Guard 8 – After the Hell Knight encounter, go into the large open area with a blue forcefield and a cargo transport in the middle. Go along the lower path, look for a cave to the left and a raised platform. Hop up to find another Praetor point waiting.
  • Elite Guard 9 – At the central area with the blue forcefield, travel down the path along the large blue chamber that has giant vats filled with glowing stuff. Don’t go in there, but go along the rocky ledge that leads to a curved hallway where you’ll find an Elite Guard at the end.
  • Elite Guard 10 – Climb the half-circle structure in the area with the gore nest, jump onto the walkway that goes to the second floor and a second gore nest that brings in a Summoner. The Elite Guard can be found in the right exterior hallway between the gore nests.
  • Elite Guard 11 – After destroying all three Argent filters, you can reach the second gore nest. Inside that area, grab the hologram and you’ll find a guard to the left.

Level 5 – Argent Energy Tower

  • Elite Guard 12 – Double jump over the pipes to reach the Argent Energy Tower, but drop down onto the platforms beneath the entrance to find an Elite Guard hidden away.
  • Elite Guard 13 – In the passageway with the revolving red cells, follow one cell and drop into an area below. On the walkway to the left, turn around to find an Elite Guard in the doorway.
  • Elite Guard 14 – In the second area halfway up the tower and the revolving cells, you’ll be using stopped elevators to ascend further. Climb up the elevators, and look for a shaft between two of them to find a small hidden section with another Elite Guard who was only two weeks away from retirement.

Level 6 – Kandingir Sanctum

  • Elite Guard 15 – After you unlock the large yellow skull door, you’ll find a tome on the left and an Elite Guard to your right.
  • Elite Guard 16 – After you pass the Argent Cell station and fight with Cacodemons to the right, go onwards to the large objective door with the red marker. Jump over the spires until you reach a small cavern with a ramp that goes around. Once at the upper ledge, turn right and you’ll spot the Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard 17 – Clear the area around the previous Elite Guard and move up the stairs to reach a Field Drone station. At that station, turn right and you’ll spot a yellow jump pad. Jump, move down the hall and you’ll find another guard with a Praetor point for you.
  • Elite Guard 18 – The final Elite Guard of this level is just past the Barons of Hell. Move down, jump across the floating rocks and you’ll reach some stairs that lead upwards. Go on the right path past the Ancient Rune, go right past the lore rune and climb the rocks until you jump into a small alcove with a guard inside.

Level 7 – Argent Facility (Destroyed)

  • Elite Guard 19 – Climb the maintenance walkways and drop into the skybridge through the demolished roof. Turn around, and you’ll find that shiny Praetor point waiting for you.
  • Elite Guard 20 – You’ll need to find the Rune Trial clock for this one. At the rock, is a tiny ledge below it. Drop down, but use your double-jump to avoid a splattery end and land on the platform below, leading to a vent and another guard.
  • Elite Guard 21 – After the Pinky demons spawn (NARF), follow the hologram outside to an area with a blue jump pad to your right. Use it, land on the level above and there’ll be a guard right in front of you.
  • Elite Guard 22 –  Once you have the yellow keycard, drop down into the elevator shaft. The platform will drop and behind you will be a new vent to explore.

Level 8 – Advanced Research Complex

  • Elite Guard 23 – Once the level starts, explore the ladies bathroom, and hop into the open vent in the ceiling to find another Elite Guard who was probably a massive pervert before he died.
  • Elite Guard 24 – Take the elevator out of Samuel Hayden’s office, exit and follow the wall along the left to find yet another Elite Guard who is dead.
  • Elite Guard 25 – In the area lined with ventilation fans, ride the wind (heh) up and take a left. You’ll enter a room, so turn left here unless you’re Derek Zoolander and you’ll find an unlocked door with another Elite corpse.

Level 9 – Lazarus Labs

  • Elite Guard 26 – After you destroy a gore nest, go down the hallway with the hologram, and stop at the maintenance door. Turn around, jump into the open hatch and crawl through to reach a secret room and another Praetor point.
  • Elite Guard 27 – In the room with the Mancubus experiment, go through when the doors open and jump onto the raised door. Use the security terminal to open up a secret room that houses an Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard 28 – In the underground chruch, go past the sacrificial area and drop down a hole in the middle to find a pit with metalheads and an Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard 29 – Down the hallways past the Lazarus reactor viewing station, go through the halls with a gold highlight until you turn right to reach a break room that served a bloodbath. Check the walls for a vent, climb in and hey presto! Another Elite guard for you to pilfer a Praetor point from.

Level 10 – Titan’s Realm

  • Elite Guard 30 – In the room where you cross the stone bridge that goes over a river of acid, check for a skull switch underneath it. Pull the lever Kronk, and you’ll see a door that opens in the corner to the back on the right beneath the cage. Guess who’s there?
  • Elite Guard 31 – Grab the yellow skull keycard, drop down into that area with the green acid in the middle that starts a trap and escape it. Go down the stairs to area that has more acid, and you’ll spot the Elite Guard near the red skull switch.

Level 11 – The Necropolis

  • Elite Guard 32 – Once you have both skull keys, clear the area and drop down into a greyish area below. Jump the gaps, go inside the gigantic skull mouth and get rid of the Cyber Mancubus in the hallway. You can find another Praetor point here.
  • Elite Guard 33 – In the Icon of Sin arena, go through the chamber until you reach the part with the massive Goat Simulator skull. Kill everything that moves until you come to small hallway. Two Barons of Hell and a Cyber Mancubus will appear, so get ready to fight. Near the Cyber Mancubus spawn by the left door exit, is the next Elite guard corpse.

Level 12 – Vega Central Processing

  • Elite Guard 34 – As you leave the airlock at the beginning of the level, hug the wall until you find a corner with the Elite Guard.
  • Elite Guard 35 – Kill everything in the first arena until you enter the hallways filled with possessed Engineers. Go along the wall on the right until you find the door that requires a blue keycard. You’ll need to grab the keycard, come back and open the door to get your penultimate Praetor point.
  • Elite Guard 36 – The final Elite Guard can be found as you ride the tram to the station. Clear all the enemies until you reach a long ramp elevator shaft. Don’t ride the ramp up, but drop down onto the platforms below the receiving area. Work your way across the ledges, and you’ll drop down onto a balcony where the final Elite Guard rests in peace.

Last Updated: May 16, 2016


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