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DOOM – Rune Trial Location guide

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Rune Trials are fantastic. They’re that little added incentive in DOOM to make the art of ripping the lower jaw off of a Hell Knight that much more satisfying. Tests of moderate skill, they require a little bit of work to find, complete and master. Here’s where you can find all of them in DOOM, which is right now my favourite shooter of the year so far.

Ammo Boost

Increases the value of ammo received from kills.

Upgrade Challenge: Pick up 500 ammo items.

Location: At the beginning of the Argent Energy Tower mission, go into the large room at the beginning and you’ll see the Rune Trial in a room that you can’t access just yet. Go through the stage until you get the boost boots, head back and jump into the area above the room. Fall through and you can access the rune trial.

Armoured Offensive

Glory Kills performed on demons will also have a chance to drop armour.

Upgrade Challenge: Equip 2500 points worth of armour

Location: In the Argent Facility (Destroyed) mission, go through the mission until you reach the room with the hive inside of it that has electrical surges on the floor. Leave that room, go left and jump onto the platform opposite it to get to the Rune Trial.

Blood Fuelled

Move faster for a short period of time after performing a Glory Kill.

Upgrade Challenge: Kill 50 demons during a speed boost

Location: In the Advanced Research Complex mission, after you’ve used the terminal to lower the blue forcefield, go to that location but don’t jump onto the ledges. Go through a nearby door and unlock the airlock to find the rune.

Dazed and Confused

Demons remain staggered for longer.

Upgrade Challenge: Perform 25 Death From Above Glory Kills.

Location: In the Argent Facility mission, go through the level until you reach a gore nest with a blue forcefield below it. Go past the nest and you’ll see a crate hanging down. Head further down the walkway, look for the small door and go inside the garage to yourleft. Go to the gate marked with a number 1, and jump up to the right to find the Rune Trial.

Equipment Power

Increases the effectiveness of equipment items.

Upgrade Challenge: Use equipment 30 times.

Location: Near the end of the Argent Energy Tower mission, you’ll need to climb that massive tower. Before you enter the room where you hear Olivia talk, go near to the top to a section where you can jump past moving metal containers and back into a main room to find the Rune Trial.

In-Flight Mobility

Gives an increase in your control over in-air movement after a double jump.

Upgrade Challenge: Kill 30 demons while in mid-air

Location: In the Argent Facility (Destroyed) mission, you’ll see the Rune Trial sitting on some rocks in the middle of the map. It’s near the door you have to enter to keep the mission going, with the nearby hologram.

Intimacy Is Best

Demons become more damage-resistant when in a staggered state,thus making Glory Kills more likely.

Upgrade Challenge: Stagger 100 demons.

Location: Right after you get the BFG, go into the next room and activate the computer. Don;t go straight, but to the right instead and through the door. Enter the hole in the wall and you’ll spot the rune.

Rich Get Richer

Firing a standard weapon will cost you no ammo when your armour is at 100 or more.

Upgrade Challenge: Fill your armour value to the max 12 times.

Location: In the Lazarus Facility mission, run through the stage until you reach the weapon mod bot in the maintenance room. Jump up, keep going on and you’ll reach a locked door on the left. There’ll be a hatch below you to get inside and access the rune.


Perform Glory Kills faster.

Upgrade Challenge: Perform 25 unique Glory Kills when the rune is equipped.

Location: In the Kangdir Sanctum, you’ll see this near the Blue Door. You can’t access it yet, so go grab the blue skull. Come back to this location, turn around at the blue door and jump to the platform across from you. Turn left, jump to the ledge across and again onto a small floating platform. Follow the path and you’ll see the Rune Trial.

Saving Throw

You’ll have one chance to survive a death blow and recover health, per life.

Upgrade Challenge: Kill 10 demons while Saving Throw is active.

Location: After you close the portal in the Lazarus Facility mission, go through the door and go right into a large room that has vending machines. Look to the right to spot an opening in the wall and you’ll see the final Rune Trial waiting for you.

Seek and Destroy

Perform Glory Kills from a further distance.

Upgrade Challenge: Kill 75 demons.

Location: In the Kangdir Sanctum after you find the second teleporter, follow the path around instead and enter a large building on the other side to find the rune trial.


Increased range for absorbing dropped items from demons.

Upgrade Challenge: Kill 15 imps with a shotgun.

Location: You’ll spot this Rune trial in the Argent Facility mission as you’re disabling Argent filters. It’s impossible to miss really, as it’s the first one you’ll encounter in the game and is directly on your path.

Last Updated: May 20, 2016


  1. Wow. I have to say. Doom, Although I am not yet finished, Is bloody fantastic. It feels like a natural progression if you ignore Doom 3 ( Which I loved ). Any game that refers to a enemy in the plural is all win. Shoot 5 Mancubi. Epic.


  2. th3SiCn3ss

    May 23, 2016 at 10:45

    Game completed with 100% achievements & I must say, what a game. Enjoyed every second of it…
    hopefully the dlc won’t just be MP BS as the MP is a bit sucky….. But once again it’s doom screw MP….


  3. Komrad

    August 22, 2016 at 01:47

    what is the best order to get these?


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