Dota 2 beats League of Legends as most played PC game

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After many attempts I have given up on ditching my Dota 2 addiction. I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours playing it, and apparently so have the rest of the world. According to a report from DFC Intelligence, Dota 2 has passed League of Legends as the most played PC game in the West.

GamesIndustry reports that in Valve’s Dota 2 is the most played “core” PC title according to the DFC Intelligence report; the report combines data from multiple sources through its PC game Meter service, which includes real-time stats from Xfire’s 23 million users. The top three most played games were Dota 2, league of Legends and in third place World of Warcraft, although the free-to-play MOBA’s numbers far surpassed that of Blizzard’s subscription based MMO.

Oddly enough, according to DFC analyst, Jeremy Miller, the increased popularity of Dota 2 hasn’t cut into the success of Riot’s League of Legends.

“Usage of League of Legends has been steady the past year and surprisingly the huge success of Dota 2 did not seem to cut into its popularity as much as would be expected,” he said.

It’s really strange to see two MOBA giants such as League of Legends and Dota 2 co-exist without cutting into each other’s popularity; this is something spectacular not only for gaming, but eSports. This means that the MOBA community is growing instead of just dividing under two titles, especially since both of them are based on the same WarCraft 3 mod, Defence of the Ancients.

How much space does this leave for other MOBA games in the future? Will Heroes of Newerth rise up again in popularity and what about Blizzard’s Blizzard All-Stars? Whether it is possible for more than two titles in this genre to be as successful as Dota 2 and League of Legends is doubtful. Only time will tell if the MOBA community will continue to grow, or whether it has reached a point of saturation. 

Last Updated: April 10, 2013

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