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Dota 2: Frostivus cancelled, again

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Ah, Frostivus, the weird festive, holiday season of Dota 2. The river freezes, gifts are exchanged, and good cheer is felt by all. Except, well, not really. Last year’s Frostivus was rudely cancelled, and this year seems to have repeated this.

Clearly, this is all about Valve trolling the Dota community. However, it’s becoming a rather cute tradition. Day One of Frostivus 2013 had explained:

Since last year’s celebration was cancelled (the less said about that the better), rest assured that this year’s Frostivus will be twice as caring and serene.

It goes on to explain that there will be celebrations of “Wreath-Night” and “Givening” where a traditional truce is in effect so that Radiant and Dire may gather to play games and exchange gifts. How very WWII between Germany and France.

Day Two, however, revealed the following image:

Frostivus cancelled

What does this mean? Is it related to the fact that the Skeleton King is no longer playable in-game? What clues can we find about this, or do we just need to wait and see what Valve does next?

I must say, it’s quite cute to see a game known for trolling and vitriol in the community actually troll the community back. Valve certainly has a cute sense of humor, and it’s nice to see them having fun with the festive period. That said, I still love the way League of Legends rebrands their maps to include presents and snow. All in all, I suppose it’s just a way to keep people interested over the holiday period. As if they need to do that – most people are already excited to play games during their vacations.

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Last Updated: December 11, 2013

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