Dota 2 Interactive Compendium exceeds expectations

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Back in May, I told you about Dota 2’s The International Interactive Compendium – at that point it was almost at $2 million. Now, the prize is pushing $2.6 million, the International 3 is three weeks away, and the compendium has evolved yet again.

On the Dota 2 blog, developers explain that they were unsure if the Interactive Compendium would be something in which Dota players would be interested. Well, 

… We were forced to admit we underestimated the community’s response to it. Upon reflection, we decided that the community was clearly sending us a message – so we spent the next two months adding more features to the Compendium.

Beyond the existing milestone rewards, entirely new features have been added. Much like traditional sports, players can now create fantasy challenges. Assembling teams from players attending The International, gamers can earn points based on their fantasy team’s performance. There will even be leader boards and highlights on fantasy teams!

Then, also like traditional sports, you can now collect trading cards of your favorite players and stamp them into the Compendium’s team pages. If you collect an entire team, you earn extra customization options for your International Courier.  Plus, 

Trade your extra player cards with your friends to complete the whole set, and bag yourself a mythical crab mount as well.

This is all above and beyond the other rewards, such as the immortal weapon that is soon to be unlocked. If you are playing Dota 2 but still haven’t checked out The International Interactive Compendium, it really might be about time, even if only for the 125% Battle Booster that lasts until the end of the competition. You can purchase it here.

I still can’t believe how much money this has raised. I wonder if we will be seeing similar promotions for Riot and other developers in the future. This is a pretty impressive way to secure interest in the professional side of a game, while still rewarding players during their own matches.

Last Updated: July 22, 2013

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