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DOTA 2 just broke a world record

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I’ll be honest here: I don’t know DOTA. My only experience with the game is a 15 minute session back at a LAN event where my avatar was mercilessly stab-raped for loot by around 20 players with double digit levels. But what I do know, are numbers (THE NUMBERS MASON!), and DOTA 2 just broke a whole bunch of them.

Last Saturday, DOTA 2 hit an all time high with 329 977 gamers playing at the same time according to PC Gamer. Want to put that number into perspective? Well then imagine 10% of Pretoria playing DOTA 2 non-stop, and you’d have a good idea to the scope of this achievement.

So why the high numbers then? Could it have something to do with users logging in to catch the west qualifiers in the international tournament? Probably. I don’t know. I don’t play this game. Go bug Zoe. But it’s numbers like this that are also helping Riot Games Valve claim that DOTA 2 is one of the more popular titles on the market right now, above its nearest competitor League of Legends.

Even though LoL did just boast that it has over 500 000 players in one region alone. Damn, those be some insane numbers.

Last Updated: May 21, 2013

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