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The Dota 2 Manila Major kicks of on Friday

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It’s almost time for Valve’s third and final major ahead of their annual International tournament. This time the Dota 2 tournament travels to Manila, Philippines, where once again the best Dota 2 teams will compete for $3 million.

The Manila Major kicks off this Friday (June 3rd) with a two day Group Stage, followed by the main event next Tuesday (7th of June) at the Mall of Asia. The Shanghai Major was riddled with controversy, but this time around PGL have taken over production and will undoubtedly bring their expertise to the show. PGL have been leagues ahead of other online eSport production companies in the past and are naturally the best choice for the job


The games are somewhat European (South Africa) friendly with regard to the time-zone, so here’s a schedule for Friday and Saturday:

Friday, 3rd June:

  • 16:00 – Group A, Match 1 – OG vs. Team Empire
  • 16:00 –  Group A, Match 2 – NewBee vs. Complexity
  • 16:00 – Group B, Match 1 – Wings Gaming vs. Digital Chaos
  • 16:00 – Group B, Match 2 – Team Secret vs. Natus Vincere
  • 19:20 – Group A Winners – TBA
  • 19:20 – Group B Winners  – TBA
  • 21:20 – Group A Elimination – TBA
  • 21:20 – Group B Elimination – TBA
  • 02:00 – Group A Decider – TBA
  • 02:00 – Group B Decider – TBA

Saturday, 4th June:

  • 16:00 – Group C, Match 1 – Team Liquid vs. Alliance
  • 16:00 –  Group C, Match 2 – ViCi Gaming Reborn vs. Fnatic
  • 16:00 – Group D, Match 1 – Evil Geniuses vs. Mineski
  • 16:00 – Group D, Match 2 – MVP.Phoenix vs. LGD Gaming
  • 19:20 – Group C Winners – TBA
  • 19:20 – Group D Winners  – TBA
  • 21:20 – Group C Elimination – TBA
  • 21:20 – Group D Elimination – TBA
  • 02:00 – Group C Decider – TBA
  • 02:00 – Group D Decider – TBA

It’s unfortunate that a number of the games will be on at the same time, making viewers choose between which match to watch. However, these are the group stages, and a more relaxed schedule has been proposed for the Main Event starting next Tuesday.

I haven’t been in touch with the international Dota 2 scene in years, but the general tone is leading towards Fnatic being the favourites, it being hosted in SEA. At least people are hopeful Fnatic can do it, but Team Liquid still hold the top spot according to GosuGamers. Many are hoping for the return of Natus Vincere and Alliance, while some maintain Evil Geniuses might still have what it takes.

Last Updated: May 31, 2016

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