Dota 2 team disqualified over match fixing

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These matches need fixing

Nobody likes match fixing. It’s a dodgy business, one which can see participants receive all kinds of bans (and rightly so) if caught. Arrow Gaming, a well known team in the Dota 2 scene were disqualified from The Summit, a top tournament. Affiliates of the team placed high value bets against them, which seems odd, and also points to potential match fixing.

The organisers, Beyond the Summit, and popular betting service, Dota 2 Lounge, investigated the matter. Here’s what ldDota had to say (via PCGamesN):

“We have no choice but to remove Arrow Gaming from The Summit 2. We hope other organizers will take evidence of match-fixing seriously, as it’s absolute poison for the scene.”

What led to this? A Reddit user named PacificRen posted their investigation on the incident. It’s rather extensive, but can be found here . Here’s a snippet:

Vallejos has placed large bets using multiple accounts on Arrow Gaming (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) on their Synergy League Group stage match against Australian team Can’t Say Wips last 13 October, the same day the initial screenshots of this issue first surfaced. While CSW has been on a streak heading into the match, Arrow was still the favorite. Synergy league has a forgiving format, with the top four teams of the eight-team group advancing into the next stage.

That match was further investigated, and it has shown a number of new accounts which has high bets on this match and the several fixed matches that was mentioned earlier (1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6). However, the most telling of the bets were the ones made on the accounts of ddz’s girlfriend, as well as Lance’s girlfriend (1, 2). Something which may or may not be related is the latter betting for Immunity against Mineski.

If you’re unfamiliar with how betting in Dota 2 works, you don’t bet currency, but rather, in-game items. Don’t be fooled, some of those items on offer are worth a fair amount of dollars. For example, the Lina arcana is valued at $34.86, and one of those screenshots shows several of those (and other arcana’s) as bets. The most telling evidence (in my eyes) are the bets by two of the player’s girlfriends. Seriously, if you were rooting for your hubby, I doubt you’d bet against them.

Arrow Gaming have since released the following statement on their Facebook Page.

“Our management is at the moment investigating and contacting relevant parties regarding this accusation involving two players from Arrow Gaming in the ”322” scandal. Pertaining to this matter, should an Arrow player be proven guilty of such unethical work engagement, it will not be tolerated by our management and strict actions will be enforced”

It’s so sad. Arrow Gaming were one of the teams who had to play through qualifiers to secure a spot in The International 4. They never performed well in the main event, but the exposure and experience must have been invaluable. They could’ve used that to go further in next years event (assuming they qualified and such). Instead, they have this drama hovering over them, and if accusations are proven, the team may fall apart.

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Last Updated: October 20, 2014

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