Dota 2 wants your artwork

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Wraith-Night is underway over on Dota 2, but Valve is getting ready for the next Dota 2 event. But they want you to be involved… well, assuming you have artistic talent.

At the moment, the event is just a placeholder page titled “Year of the Horse”. However, the Dota blog is reaching out to the community, looking for any artists who want to participate:

… we are looking for submissions that draw on visual themes from the Chinese New Year, Chinese history, and springtime.

Yay for the Chinese New Year. This has been a successful theme over on League of Legends, it’s not surprising that Dota is jumping on this bandwagon. There’s plenty to use for inspiration – Chinese history, springtime and year of the horse, that’s a lot to work with.

If, like me, your artistic ability is a bit wanting, you can still get involved. By going over to the Dota 2 Workshop, you can go vote on which artwork you think is best. Nice way to get everyone involved.

Submissions are due 15 January, so if you’re considering entering, that might be a good way to invest some time over the holiday. Or, just play the actual game.

Last Updated: December 20, 2013

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