Dota 2 West qualifier decided

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The West Qualifier for The International 3 (TI3) has come to an end, and mousesports is the clear winner.  The second place qualifier, dd.Dota will have to face off against the second place finisher of the Easter Qualifier to try to gain the Wild Card position.

In a reversal of WWII, it was France vs. Germany in the final, with the German mousesports taking the title.  Mousesports blitzed the tournament, winning the first two games ridiculously quickly – dd.Dota called gg at 23 minutes in the first game and 36 minutes in the second.  In the third game, dd.Dota managed to turn things around and defeat mousesports in 38 minutes.

However, it was not enough to hold back mousesports – they obliterated dd.Dota in the 42nd minute of the fourth game.  This means that mousesports will take the coveted spot in TI3, while dd.Dota will have to place against whomever places second in the Eastern Qualifiers.  Eastern Qualifiers start today, running from 20-23 May and again from 28-30 May.  

What do you think of the results?  Are they what you expected?  Surprised that the German blitz worked in defeating the French?  Oh, and the interactive compendium  pool is almost at $2.1 million.  Insanity!

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Last Updated: May 20, 2013

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  • SojournZA

    loving the tournament so far

    amazing how the teams are having there ups an downs though

    • caponeil

      It does get a bit repetitive with the same 20 hero’s banned/picked in slightly different variations! Hopefully there will be some different gameplay in the east qualifiers!

      • these qualifiers have had some interesting picks though, slight changes to the meta.
        with tree, slark, zeus and even a razor being picked up, but i agree, 20 games with 75% of the games having the same heros gets a bit old.

        • frikkenator

          That zeus pickup by Rox was the weirdest one so far. Didn’t work out for them at all!

          • the zeus was a silly pickup, needs massive items in the mid game to keep up the spam for him to be atleast a little relevant in the late game and a bottle isnt enough to sustain him in the lane.

            I loved DDs use of tree though, worked great for them and that slark pickup was really effective on the first few days of the qualifiers

          • caponeil

            I think the current meta is not set up for gankers really. Would love to see more wisp/lifestealer/nightstalker combos. Yeah the Zues was an odd one. one thing is for sure, the aggressive pushing nature really kills the hard carries in the line of a an AM, Void or even a Doom. Stil

          • eastern meta has alot more focus on the gang potential of a team, makes for some interesting games

          • caponeil

            yeah I must agree. I am enjoying the East games a lot more than the west games. LGD is absolutely killing it at the moment.

          • caponeil

            yeah I must agree. I am enjoying the East games a lot more than the west games. LGD is absolutely killing it at the moment.

      • frikkenator

        Yea we’re bound to see some interesting things coming out of china!

  • caponeil

    have not missed a match. Mouse was really good but not sure about how they will fare against other top teams!

    • mouz usually do quite well in the other tournaments, I was surprised that they had to go through the qualifiers at all.

      Its not like theyr a 2nd string team, they may not have much silverware, but theyv had their fair share of finals appearances

      • frikkenator

        They tend to be quite inconsistent, which is possibly the reason. They played really well this weekend though.

      • caponeil

        The same was aid about EG but they did not fare really well. Also a big disappointment was Red Pandas.

  • I had Mouz down for second place 😛 so close enough! Been some insane eastern games this morning already O_O

  • TheMan

    Hope there will be dotA comps at rAge this year!!!!!!!!

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