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Can you see who is censored?

Polymorphous Perversity isn’t your usual RPG title, no it’s an indie title which is being billed as a sex game that crosses boundaries and disturbs the mind. It’s based on a theory by Sigmund Freud that believes people can find erotic pleasure out of any part of the body.

And no we’re not talking about the common foot fetish idea or things like that.

Polymorphous Perversity is an exploration of human’s sexuality. You’re set to learn about all dimensions of human’s libido, every way in which a person can obtain sexual satisfaction, fetishes, paraphilias and perversions.

Polymorphous Perversity is a concept developed by S. Freud:

The ability to find erotic pleasure out of any part of the body. According to Freud, a young child is, by nature, "polymorphously perverse" (Introductory Lecturs 15.209), which is to say that, before education in the conventions of civilized society, a child will turn to various bodily parts for sexual gratification and will not obey the rules that in adults determine perverse behavior. Education however quickly suppresses the polymorphous possibilities for sexual gratification in the child, eventually leading, through repression, to an amnesia about such primitive desires. Some adults retain such polymorphous perversity, according to Freud.

So, though some people find sex funny, this is not really a comedy game. It’s a sex game.

I’ve just downloaded the game and haven’t yet started it up so I’m heading into this one as innocently as the rest of you, but if the idea of a sex based RPG game that explores true psychiatric theories is up your street then head on over to the download page and grab the game.

You can read up some more about the game on the developers blog here

Last Updated: July 12, 2012

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