Dragon Age: Inquisition includes transgender people

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There has been a ton of talk about inclusion in games. We need to have people of more walks of life represented in games to draw in a more inclusive audience – it doesn’t alienate those who are part of the majority, but it makes people in the minorities feel included. Bioware has always been ahead of the curve on this, and Dragon Age: Inquisition takes it to a new level. Warning: contains possible spoilers.

I am taking my time with my play through of Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s part of why I didn’t want to review the game – so I could explore every aspect of the game without any rush. Last night, while talking to Iron Bull (yes, I’m trying to seduce him and making sure to have all the conversations possible) he said that I should meet the rest of his crew, The Chargers. I’d already had some chats with Crem, his second in command, but now I gained more insight into his character, and it was done so well. Just check out this video I captured:

After the cut scene where I met the rest of the crew, I went to speak to Iron Bull again. I chose the conversation options to push him about this second in command, to ask how he felt about the fact that under the armor, Crem was female. Iron Bull insisted that he’s a man, even if it’s harder for him to piss standing up.

This is a real triumph – for Bioware, for diversity, and for trans acceptance. They prove that all the characters involved don’t need to be women, or gay, or trans, or whatever to help promote acceptance of people of all walks of life. It’s particularly fitting that the burliest, most manly man of all the companions is the one who is so adamantly supportive of his trans friend. This scene made me so happy – I’ve known too many trans people who were made to feel like freaks. I hope that this helps boost acceptance, even in just a small way.

Kudos to Bioware. I’ve always been a fan, but now I’m even more of one.

Last Updated: December 4, 2014

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