Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer is heroic

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is going to be gorgeous – we knew that because of the whole new generation console thing, as well as the fact that Bioware has said it will be best on PC. Now a new trailer shows off just how impressive the game will be, and why we should be interested in the story.

Here is The Hero of Thedas trailer:

I love the opening concept – for years people believed the Maker was watching over them, and now they believe you are ruling through the Maker’s will. Whether or not it’s true, that belief is what gives you your power to rule. Very nice opening idea – it’s not about whether you’re actually meant to be a hero, but because people believe in you, you have that power.

The game looks gorgeous with unique enemy design and detailed character models that make me extremely happy. Plus, I am far too excited about the fortress that you can build up as you gain more followers. It’s a brilliant management element included in the RPG and makes me want to play the game… right this second.

The trailer ends with the typical Bioware open-ended question about your choices – a hero is needed, but what kind of hero will you be? Knowing my play style, I’ll probably be the ultimate paragon; unlike Darryn, I just can’t be mean in games. However, Dragon Age: Inquisition has promised a far less black and white (or red and blue) decision making proposition – there won’t always be a good or a bad choice to make, but rather tons of moral ambiguity. Here’s hoping that promise is kept; it will certainly make the game more interesting.

Last Updated: October 15, 2014

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