Dragon Age Inquisition's Exalted Plains

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Ah, Dragon Age Inquisition, I am so ready for you. This time, we are graced with not only another screenshot (to add to last week’s singular screenshot), but we also get some descriptive words. The game must be almost ready, right?

According to lore, the Exalted Plains of the Dales was where the elven army faced the human Chantry and died. Once more, it is the site of conflict:

The Exalted Plains are now a contested battleground in the Orlesian civil war, and soldiers fight and die here in vast numbers. As the boundaries of reality weaken across Thedas, the memory of injustices past and present draws the attention of restless spirits who rise to possess the dead and stalk the living across the blood-steeped earth.

Does this mean we’ll have ghosts and zombies, too? Zombie elves would certainly be something new. Either way, it seems like an interesting battlefield. Not only does it sound really cool, it also looks amazing. Here is our latest screenshot.

DAI Dales

Yes, yet again we only get one image, but at least it’s another impressive one. I really hope that the gameplay looks just like this on the new consoles – it will be stunning.

With The Witcher delayed into next year, Dragon Age is the big Western RPG release that I’m excited about for this year. I hope it’s everything I’ve built it up as in my head – fortresses, open world, fully customizable characters. It gives me the tingles just thinking about it. Bioware simply has to redeem themselves with this iteration in the franchise, and I have a good feeling about what they’re doing.

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Last Updated: April 8, 2014

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