Dragon Age: Inquisition’s guide to romance

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Ah, according to Bioware, the simpler days are gone. Romance is much more complicated in Dragon Age: Inquisition – you can’t just insert presents until sex comes out. As a result, Bioware has provided a guide to romance for those who want to get their paramour on.

Over on the Bioware Forum, Mike Laidlaw has revealed all the possible romance options that players will have in the game. If you want to avoid possible spoilers, you may want to look away now.

According to Laidlaw, the reason for this is that Dragon Age: Inquisition is huge. With 200+ hours of gameplay, relationships between players and followers can take quite a bit of time.

As a result, you could play the game for a significant length of time before discovering that a follower isn’t interested.

Hmmm, so like life, right? Additionally, they point out that just because a follower can be romanced doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful with them. Each character has their own agendas and opinions and the choices you make in the game might make them never fall for you. So, here’s the list of core romances:

  • Cassandra is interested in male characters.
  • Blackwall is interested in female characters.
  • Josephine is interested in both male and female characters
  • Iron Bull is interested in both male and female characters
  • Sera is interested in female characters.
  • Dorian is interested in male characters.

However, thanks to the extra development time the game received, there are two additional romance options. They are limited in scope for reasons relating to their story arcs, but they are:

  • Cullen is interested in female elves and female humans.
  • Solas is interested in female elves only.

Ooh, racist romance options, I like it. Also, this means that of all the characters, Varric, Vivienne, Cole and Leliana are not romance options. You might as well deal with your disappointment now.

What is your usual approach to romance in these games? I normally decide on the fly, I mean, they usually make it so that everyone is throwing themselves at my character and I just need to decide who I will go for. This time around it seems much more complicated. I wonder if they will still follow reality in that it will be easier to get the paramour achievement as a woman.

Last Updated: September 4, 2014

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