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Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2’s new DLC characters include a dragon ball-punching Android 13

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Android 13

By now, it’s a given that certain characters will always pop up in a Dragon Ball game. Goku, Vegeta and Frieza are always a given, as are the likes of Android 18, Cell and even that dastardly Nappakola:


Not certain if he’s canon, but what the hell. ANYWAY, even with a library of characters that often see’s more playtime than the Cranberries on a 90s rock radio station, there are a few characters who have had sparse time in the spotlight over the years. One such character? An artificial (or cybernetically upgraded I don’t know the definition is vague in DBZ) redneck with a penchant for the type of trucker that would make an American president proud.


He’ll be popping up in Dragon Ball XenoVers 2, but with a twist: This southern gentleman version of the infamous Android project will cost ya extra, as 13 is a DLC character. Hopefully the price of admission includes him using one of the most devastating attacks in all of Dragon Ball Z history:

Oof. Right in the Dragon Balls hashtag low-hanging fruit. 13 won’t be the only DLC character after your wallet, as he’ll also be joined by Tapion from the Dragon Ball Z film Wrath of The Dragon. Kind of guessing that he’ll use a fighting style similar to Trunks, since they share the same legendary sword and all. Here’s the scan from Shonen Gamez:


Looks like Dragon Ball Super content will also make its presence known, as the scan reveals a cinematic between the gods of destruction of Universe 7 (ours) and Universe 6. Hooray! New Dragon Ball narrative content! Saints be praised. Not long to go now until Dragon Ball FighterZ arrives and allows me to pay several bucks to punch a guy in the Shendong come 2018.

Although if you ask Geoff to do the same to me, he’d probably do it for free.

Last Updated: October 22, 2017

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