Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden revealed for 3DS

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I got yer Dragon Balls. Right here. IN MY HANDS! NOT A EUPHEMISM DAMMIT!

Got a Nintendo 3DS and a severe lack of grown-men screaming while using sheer willpower to change their hair colour? Well you’re in luck, as a new Dragon Ball Z is on the way. Called Dragon Ball Z: Extreme But?den according to Anime News Network, the latest game in the franchise will arrive in the US of A summer on Nintendo’s 3D handheld.

Extreme But?den will apparently boast a roster of over 100  skilled fighters and Yamcha, with one-on-one and team battles forming the backbone of the game.  Players can also use “Ultimate Arts” for the DBZ-Outta-Nowhere finishing moves and Z Assists from Bulma to help complement moves in battle. This isn’t the first Butoden game in the Dragon Ball Z franchise.

Back in 1993, Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden debuted, using a Street Fighter style of combat that proved to be quite popular. It popped up every now and again in games such as Super But?den 3 and Shin Butoden , eventually culminating in the Nintendo DS  game Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butoden back in 2011. I’m always down for more Dragon Ball games. But I’d kill for a proper reboot of that GameBoy Advance classic, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors. All-out battles, one on one in arenas where you could stick to the ground or take the high road and rain down attacks like candy from heaven.

More of that please, so that I can rock my inner Shenron.

Last Updated: February 17, 2015

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