'Drake's Fortune' Is Gearing Up For Its Cinema Debut

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Kyle Ward is set to write the screenplay version of the popular gaming title for Columbia Studios who have snatched up the rights for the film adaptation. Ward who is repped by Benderspink and CAA has been working on other adaptations like “Kane & Lynch” (which is said to be staring Bruce Willis) and will be working on 20th Century Fox’s “Hitman 2”.

Charles Roven, Alex Gartner as well as Avi and Ari Arad are apparently producing the Drake’s game-to-film experience. Collectively their companies: Arad Productions and Atlas Entertainment have or are developing such titles like Columbia’s Maximum Ride (which is an adaptation of James Patterson’s book and will be directed by Catherine Hardwicke) and Season Of The Witch. The latter stars Nicholas Cage in a period piece and should be out sometime this year.

But enough formalities and lets get back to business. The Drake film will track the adventures of Nate Drake, a descendent of Sir Francis Drake, an explorer. Nate thinks he has found El Dorado (The legendary Aztec city of gold) and in typical dramatic fashion, the race is on as he has to compete against a rival hunter. The situation really gets hairy when some mutated/inbred Nazi and Spaniard descendants are thrown into the broth.

Well its a known fact that the game by Sony Computer Entertainment had sold over a million copies by its tenth week on the shelves. Thus its safe to say its a pretty popular title, much like the Lara Croft series. Unfortunately the film won’t have a really hot Angelina in it to make up for crappy story and silly-looking special effects. In other words I think Drake will have to do really amazingly not to end up as a bad Indiana Jones rip-off. Then again the last film kinda sucked so maybe ol’ Drake has himself a good chance after all.

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Last Updated: June 26, 2009

  • easy

    isn’t picture from max pane 3? or is that the joke?

  • Dark

    Um yes thats the wrong pic guys !!

  • Dark

    That was fast haha

  • Janrik

    Nathan Fillion should be drake.

  • Darkling

    Or Tom Green.. :whistle:

  • Faheem

    I dunno… is jean-claude still doing stuff? :silly:
    but seriously and for real though – i just hope its not some overly franchised chick magnet like daniel craig or now even shia lebouf. maybe they should really stretch it and get will smith.

  • easy

    it wont matter who plays the role of drake, the movie is going to suffer the same fate as game adaptions of movies…

    but if shia lepouf (as faheem suggested) is in the movie, i wont even think about watching it.

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