DriveClub getting a new update today

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DriveClub is still broken. It’s been a full week since the online, perpetually connected and social racing game was released. And it’s been a full week since it’s biggest features have been unavailable thanks to its servers not working. The last patch did pretty much nothing to help remedy the situation – but there’s a new one on its way, and it’ll be out today.

Here’s a quick update that Evolution studios shared on Facebook:

Continual upgrades to the DRIVECLUB servers are building a steady increase in performance, meaning that we’re getting more and more players connected.

The next server update is coming within 24 hours and will mean we can start to switch on more of the online features, so that you will be able to play more of DRIVECLUB online.

We are sorry that we don’t have more concrete news to share right now, but please be patient. We will have more information for you tomorrow.

At this point, it’s starting to be too little too late. The only thing that’ll help bring DriveClub back to life for those who’ve already moved on, is the eventual release of the “free” PlayStation Plus edition. That should convince at least a few gamers to upgrade to the full game, and inject a little more interest  into the ill-fated racer. The folks at Sony and Evolution can’t be too pleased – because this is exactly the wrong way to launch a brand new IP.

Where Diablo 3 and Sim City suffered from server issues, they had a legacy behind them,those feeling disenfranchised by DriveClub’s downtime will likely just move on.

Last Updated: October 14, 2014

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