DriveClub on PS4 likely won’t be 60fps

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DriveClub, the PlayStation 4’s launch title racing game currently runs at 30fps at a resolution of 1080p. It’s a pretty slick looking title filled with visual technical wizardry – but many are worried that it’s not running at that buttery smooth 60fps gamers crave. Evolution Studios is working on it.

We haven’t confirmed fps yet except to say that we’re currently running [email protected],”  the developer said on Facebook.  “While the PS4 is the most powerful games console the world has ever seen it doesn’t make 60fps achievable by default. The tracks in #DriveClub are vast with fully dynamic illumination. The interiors and exteriors of every car in every race are rendered in staggering detail and the underlying physics system is incredibly fluid so that driving feels authentic and responsive. On top of that there’s a lot of live connectivity happening in and around the races too to serve up challenges and reward you and your club for everything you do.

We’re pushing the PS4 HARD to achieve all of this (and more!) and we will continue to optimize it all before we confirm the frame rate.

While the games are technically different beasts, it’s worth noting that Xbox One launch title Forza 5 runs at 60fps at 1080p, and according to my eyeballs, actually looks better than DriveClub. Funny, seeing as the Xbox One apparently has such inferior hardware.

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Last Updated: September 13, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I’m old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time – they were capable of being masterpieces. I’m here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Racing games at 30FPS actually frustrates me

    • cozomel

      I’ll take NFS Hot Pursuit and NFS Most Wanted @ 30FPS anyday over Forza 4,3, Horizon’s 60FPS. Also i’ll take Bf3, MOH at 30fps over COD at 60FPS anyday

      • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

        I can’t play racing games at 30FPS. It gives me headaches and the “jaggy” feel to the image irritates me lol. But I’m just full o crap

  • Uberutang


    • FoxOneZA – X-Therminator

      I was reading a preview about Drive Club from the Dailymail and the writer said the game doesn’t look pretty either and nowhere close to Forza 5.

      • Uberutang

        For an exclusive racing game there is no excuses not to be at least 1080p 60fps!
        Dammit most player like 120 – 144fps these days, never mind 60!

        • FoxOneZA – X-Therminator

          True. But Mr Cerny said every game will run at…

      • cozomel

        I’ve seen Forza 5 and it aint that pretty either. Looks likea high res current gen game. Wait til you see how polygonal the tracks look. Oh and there is alot of aliasing btw

    • Bob

      lmmfao, fail before launch, pathetic

  • ALKi1234

    This is like Ridge racer we always get with any Playstation console launch. So this doesn’t bother me at all. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this game development is only been going for just over one year. Who still buy games? i mean really.

  • iAmWeasel

    Pretty disappointed by the standard of reporting on a lot of the articles on this site. How does “we’re pushing hard to achieve this” by the source turn into “likely won’t be” by Lazygamers? A lot of your headlines and opinions seem to be aimed at grabbing attention.

    • Milesh Bhana

      isn’t that the point of a headline 😛

      (“not yet” would have been more accurate)

    • They’re already, by their words, saying that they’re pushing the ps4…and its running at 30 fps.

      • iAmWeasel

        I read another quote from one of their devs yesterday that said its already running far beyond 30 fps.

        • As i said though; having seen it, and played it..I can’t say i’m super impressed. Hope it changes quite a bit before release.

          • Thomas McBrearty

            Bare in-mind that compared to Forza 5, this game is doing much more technically.

          • FoxOneZA – X-Therminator

            How so?

          • Guest

            Lol Forza 5 may be hitting 60FPS but it’s not doing much on the technical side compared to Driveclub that’s fact, just go and do some research on Google.

          • cozomel

            -Its doing dynamic lighting vs prebaked lighting.
            -Realtime day/night cycles that lights up the game vs none on Forza
            -A real 3D sky vs a flat static 2D skybox in Forza, the clouds in the sky cast shadows on the world beneath it in realtime, so you might play it one day and it be sunny while another time, cloudy, etc. Its more like real life. Forza just has the same set look for each track
            -Advanced physics system vs (not sure), based on real data from car modeling, making the cars feel more realistic
            -cars have 250,000 polygons (with the inside 6000) vs (dont know)
            -and a couple of other things i forget of the top of my head, i know the way that its connected online all the time makes it more difficult to achieve the 60fps too

          • Pieter Kruger

            oh REALLY?? LOL! Please explain good sir!

          • Thomas McBrearty

            Dynamic weather, day & night cycles, real-time lighting etc.
            So do your research before disagreeing with my comment..

          • Pieter Kruger

            High Dynamic Range lighting, sub surface scattering, Haptic controller feedback, Insane draw distance etc. etc. Driveclub is NOT “doing much more technically” Each has it’s own comparative pros and cons.

          • Thomas McBrearty

            Ok you keep thinking that and have a good day ^_^

          • cozomel

            he doesnt care, isnt it obvious he’s just a fanboy. So he’s not gonna see it. If Forza 5 looks alot better than Dc then Im honestly worried for this gen, as I’ve seen Forza 5 and i am not impressed. Prepare yourselves for aliasing galore and low polygon counts

          • Thomas McBrearty

            I know, tell me about it O_o

          • JRod

            If I’ve ever seen one, this looks spot-on to be a typical Xbot fanboy comment.
            Congratulations moneyhat, when’s M$ unloading that dump truck full of cash in your front lawn?

          • HurtfulTimez
        • iAmWeasel

          Sorry my bad, I am thinking of a Killzone piece that I read. But still the headline is a little presumptuous. To each their own.

        • Pieter Kruger


  • Pieter Kruger

    It once again comes down to the software and how you utilize it for the specific console! This being a 1st party exclusive makes this an epic fail for the developers, but their will be better looking racers at full 1080p and 60 fps down the line guaranteed! 🙂

  • Uberutang
  • ToshZA

    Header win

  • Tbone187

    These consoles are gonna hold back gaming progress.

    • WellWisher


  • D Man 6285

    Animated GIF? It’s a JPEG you moron!

    • WellWisher

      Three people don’t get the joke….

    • Tbone187

      hehe…that one flew straight over your head ne’…

  • Alexander

    Remember driver club is open world forza 5 is not

  • TonyBoi

    We should not at all debate consoles over racing games lol Sorry but theure played the fuck out. Drive club looks pretty cool tho for what it has in store and ps4 day 1 users get it free i dont see any complaining at all. Hell Forza 5 isnt even a complete game u have to download the rest via internet.

  • FaceHugger

    Why are you xbone fanboys so defensive? Ripping on this one game is gonna make you guys feel better about your inferior console? So Forza’s better, still doesn’t make me wanna get a xbone and follow them like you sheeple who forgive so easily. And seriously, this article is from a M$ fanboy so to me it lost all credibility from the start. Enjoy getting screwed xbots 🙂 The PSN will be a better place without you. Good riddance.

    • combo

      Lol one to talk about ripping on something when that’s all that sony fanboys have been doing. Ripping on xbox one cause of weaker specs compared to sony. But when xbox guys do the same (game wise atm ( all of sudden they’re the pitiful ones. And of course if someone claims something xbox related is better then something PlayStation related then obviously they’re an “xbot” or was paid by MS. Also the whole “sheep and forgiving so easily” biz is getting old (psn hacked but get things straight and people flood back to psn despite possibly having credit card info stolen. Oh and psn+ required to pay and after years of flaming xbl for charging, sony fanboys are happy to pay because “you’re getting your moneys worth”. Same as what xbl users say but PS fanboys always ignored that till its their turn to use it). Yea MS screwed up in the beginning with their policies but later changed them. Course sony fanboys toss around the “they didn’t change for you, they did it for the money”. Regardless of the reason the consumers benefited in the end. And I doubt MS will just bring the DRM crap back without warning because they’d be dumb to do so. And seeing as though no one gave MS any money before the DRM was removed (except for those that preordered anyways) no one was screwed over.

      P.S: before you claim I’m an “xbot” let me stop you there. I’m not a fanboy. I just don’t like ignorant people 🙂

      • HurtfulTimez

        STFU you whiney idiots. you both sound like fanboys chill out.

  • Nick

    I always got to laugh when developers say they are pushing new hardware hard, then a couple years later we have games come out that blow it away on the same machine. The truth is when it comes to launch games, people are just happy to get the game out the door for release day, and they are not bothered about making the game 60fps as that is not the priority. People comparing this to Forza are missing the point, people are not buying either console based off of who wins the 60fps battle between these two games, the fact is both are average looking compared to what we are going to see even in 12 months, so who gives a shit honestly, they are not even in the same racing genre, one is arcade, the other is a console sim. It’s like comparing Mortal Kombat to Blaz Blu, or Last of us to Ninja Gaiden.

  • cozomel

    I love how the aurthor is a fanboy. I’ve seen Forza 5 and it just looks like a high res current gen game to me

  • RoadShow

    LOL Xbox fanboy article rant. Moron

  • dave mcnair

    Except everyone who’s seen both games & their latest builds all say Driveclub’s visuals put Forza’s to shame..

  • Bob

    lol you are all dumb as the picture at the top of the screen is from grid 2 hahaha fools
    and 30fps is a joke that is why i have a gaming pc that can get 100fps or more on like every game

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