The Witcher 3 on PC DRM-free – with free DLC

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While every one’s been caught up in the next-gen console war, there’s one platform that remains free from the fray. That’s right, the master race are winners once again as CD Projekt RED’s CEO Marcin Iwinski assures Rock Paper Shotgun that The Witcher 3 will release DRM –free on GOG on day one.

As reported last week, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be subject to Microsoft’s DRM policies on the Xbox One, and not even the developers of the game will be able to play it on the Xbone at launch, but that doesn’t mean that CDP has changed their anti-DRM stance.

“A lot of people on forums are saying, ‘No, but you guys are anti-DRM,’” Iwinski admitted during an interview with RPS. “And we really are anti-DRM. But at the same time, there are people who’ll be fine with [Xbox One’s online-heavy DRM]. They’ll buy the console and just want to play. Why should we not give them this option?” 

“That’s our approach, but at the same time, we don’t know what the final policies are. Things might be changing. There’s a lot of heat right now. From our perspective, we’ll always choose the most gamer-friendly solution. And on the platform where we have control – which is PC – we’ll release on GOG day one and DRM-free.”

Iwinski also told RPS that the DLCs and updates for the game will be free. “It’s too early to talk specifics, but definitely all the DLCs and updates will be free,” he said. CDP plans on delivering the same experience to gamers across all platforms. “Of course, we’ll see what the platform holders will allow – what we can do for free [on next-gen consoles]. I mean, there are different business models on consoles. From our standpoint, we’ll definitely do everything we can to deliver the same experience across all platforms.” Iwinski continued.

Even though Witcher fans in countries like Poland won’t be able to play the game on Xbone at launch, I don’t think it’ll chip into the franchise’s fan base too much. CDP’s efforts to do right by gamers as much as they can are sure to maintain the community. CDP is one of the few studios still developing for gamers, and not just for profit.

Last Updated: June 19, 2013

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