Duke Nukem Forever demo announced–June 3rd

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Gearbox’s boss, Randy Pitchford, has posted up a new video about Duke Nukem Forever but thankfully this time it’s not another delay but rather an announcement that there will now be a Duke Nukem Forever demo released on the 3rd of June.

But only for those who pre-order from certain retailers and unfortunately we haven’t been told which local retailers, if any, are part of this promotion. [update : It looks like BTGames is going to be giving away demo codes to pre-order customers. Yay! Check with your favoured retailer to see if they’ve got codes for your pre-order too.]

But to be honest I can’t bring myself to be excited about a demo being released 7 days before a game and only to people who pre-order, demo’s are meant to be free to entice me to order a game not as a reward for ordering a game.

Not to mention that at the moment we have post patch Brink, The Witcher 2, LA Noire and quite a few other solid titles to keep us busy. A demo is pretty low on the must have list for me.

Last Updated: May 17, 2011

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