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Duke Nukem’s Girlfriend coming next year

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3D Realms and Interceptor have released the first trailer for their upcoming 80’s action shooter which surprisingly isn’t the new Duke Nukem that people were expecting.

However there is a good reason behind that as there is a long-running lawsuit around the IP of Duke Nukem between Interceptor, 3D Realms, Gearbox and possibly others. In fact I think more developers want the rights to Duke Nukem than gamers who want to play it.

So imagine you are the guys at Interceptor and you’ve created this awesome Duke Nukem title that is coming near to release and you are told you can’t use that character anymore. What do you do then? The answer, of course, is to keep the entire game and styling and change the Duke Nukem character to look like a woman, remove almost all of her clothing and name her Bombshell and while you are at it you can name the game Bombshell as well.

Now obviously no one is admitting to this but take a look at this trailer and tell me you believe this didn’t originally contain the Duke in place of Bombshell.

According to the developers they were always planning on using Bombshell who was always planned to be a character in the Duke Nukem story, even though no one ever saw her before, and that she is a very different female character to current females in gaming.

Granted the bionic arm is different, but the perfectly toned body and punk style haircut is pretty standard in gaming. Not that I’m complaining though, the idea of playing as a good-looking kick ass female in games has never struck me as wrong and having a female anti-hero is a nice change. Even if it is obviously very, very warm where’s she’s from.

We also have an interview for you to watch with the Game Director of Interceptor Studios, Frederik Schreiber

So what do you think, would a solid 80’s style shooter be of interest or should the 80’s stay buried? Bombshell is planned for release next year and hopefully we get a little more insight into the title at E3 this year.

And no I don’t know if she is meant to be Duke’s girlfriend or not but she does appear to be his perfect life partner.

Last Updated: May 15, 2014

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