Dying Light has been delayed again locally

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Dying Light is easily my favourite game this year so far. It’s got some story and pacing issues, and a great deal of that open-world bloat – but they’re issues that can be easily ignored because it’s just so much fun. It’s been available digitally for about a month now, with its physical release delayed until this week. Unfortunately, it looks like that local release has been delayed again.

Here’s an excerpt from a mail that a retailer has been sending to those who’ve pre-ordered the open-world zombie-slaying game.

We are so sorry to be the bearer of even more bad news regarding Dying Light.  The suppliers have just let us know that this title will probably not reach us this week.
The official response from Ster Kinekor entertainment is that “shipment delays for all territories from Poland are currently being assessed due to logistical issues.  The street date will now move to either Wednesday the 4th or Thursday the 5th of March.” This is not good news as we cannot give you a firm ETA at this point.  We will keep you up to date once we receive any further updates.

Those who’ve pre-ordered will be able to get a refund, or wait it out for another week. While an extra week is hardly a long time after a month-long delay, it can be infuriating for those who’ve been eagerly waiting for a physical release. We’ve asked the local distributor for comment, and will keep you updated once we hear anything.

We have an official statement!

Ster Kinekor Entertainment unfortunately confirms that due to logistical issues experienced in Europe, Dying Light, the action survival horror game will sadly not launch on Friday, 27th February 2015 as previously confirmed but will only make it into South African stores on Wednesday, 4th March 2015.

Last Updated: February 24, 2015

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