Dying Light will introduce daily bounties in The Following expansion

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For a game that was filled with plenty of the undead, despair and a night-time horrors, Dying Light had a pretty heavy action bend. Once you’d managed to level your survivor up from mere zombie fodder and into a Peter Parkour zombie-slaying machine, going out at night to face the best of the dead wasn’t such an arduous task after all.

It also meant that I could stop playing the game from my pillow fortress of solitude and actually not whimper in fear every time I peaked outside my safe-zone as I attempted to get past some Volatiles. So what are you supposed t do at the end of the world, when you’ve had your fill of regular zombie-slaying? Take on a few bounties of course.

One of the new features coming in Dying Light and The Following, Bounties will offer players a chance to replay their way through existing content. “Basically, these are unique objectives that change every day,” developer Techland said in a press release.

So even if you did all the quests, challenges, you always have a reason to jump in, preferably with some friends. Bounties are a great way to bump up your XP, especially for the new Legend Levels which players will unlock once they max out one the base skill trees.

Here’s a video of it in action:

I like it! Look, Dying Light had a rubbish story, that never really went anywhere. And that’s ok, because the rest of the game was fantastic. Exploring the world around you and interacting with side-quests was where Dying Light really excelled, to the point where you could overlook the single-player campaign flaws. Adding some extra incentive to the best part of Dying Light, sounds like a win to me.

In addition to all that, The Following will also throw in new vehicles, a new location and various other tweaks. The main update itself will be free to any owner of Dying Light, while The Following will cost you a few dollars more when it launches on February 9 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, I’ll be reconstructing the pillow fortress of solitude as I have a feeling that I’ll be mentally traumatised again when a few of the newer, nastier enemies show up.

Last Updated: January 19, 2016

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