E3 2009: Holy Crap – Gran Turismo Mobile Looks Amazing!

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I just happened upon this video showing actual gameplay footage of Gran Turismo Mobile and it looks stupidly good for a handheld game.

Yamaouchi wasn’t kidding when he said that the game was a full Gran Turismo experience. The graphics are incredible and the game itself and controls look like they are going to deliver just as well as it’s console counterparts.

Color me excited, this is the reason I bought a PSP in the first place. Video after the jump.

Last Updated: June 4, 2009

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  • easy

    that is nothing short of amazing for a hand held! i might actually buy a psp just for this game.

    pity the guy driving couldn’t even make use of the driving aid :tongue:

  • Darkling

    Man that guy sucked.
    I wonder if the camera was mounted to his head?
    Anyways,looks pretty.

  • darthdad

    Forza3 PAWNS this! :devil:

  • easy

    lol… i missed the presentation that announced forza had been ported to the psp!!!

  • NATO_US78

    It should look amazing, it has been in development for a million years…

  • WitWolfyZA

    That would probably explain why GT5 has been in production so long… Polyphony has been making these 2 two titles head to head, AWESOME!

  • Actually, Mobile took so long because it was put on hold a long whole back because Polyphony said that they needed to focus on GT5 and would only start working on it again when they were done with 5.

    We are actually still lucky that Mobile is even ready, because as well all know, GT5 isn’t out yet.

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