E3 2009: Turn 10 Working On New Project Natal… Err… Project.

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Turn 10, the developers responsible for the Forza 3 series seem to have a bit of an advantageous position over other developers.

The reason for this is that they are owned by Microsoft, which means that they have already had access and information about things like… I dunno… Project Natal for quite a while now.

Gamasutra recently had an interview with Turn 10’s Alan Hartman, and in that interview I noticed something rather interesting.

At the end of the review, Hartman says that “I think there are some pretty obvious cool things you can do with the camera. But what has me excited is what we’re doing beyond those things — the not-obvious things, just letting the designers loose on it and letting them decide how to use your whole body.”

He also stated that with regards to the Natal “As soon as we get Forza 3 done, I’m pretty excited about letting some of my key guys go out and start revving on”.

Will it be an update for Forza 3, or possibly even Forza 4, or is it even possible that they may even start work on a new title altogether? I am really excited to see what developers do with the new technology, and from what I have heard from various hands-on reports of Project Natal, it really is working, and working well.

Let’s hope that we can look forward to some quality experiences from Project Natal and developers in future.

Gamasutra Interview

Last Updated: June 5, 2009

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