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E3 2011 Live coverage : Hitman Absolution – Demo deconstruction

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Hitman Absolution is the latest game in the Hitman series, and yesterday I got the privilege of sitting in on a live, closed room demo and man, does it look good.

Agent 47, a cold blooded assassin, has just taken his most dangerous case to date and things didn’t go as swimmingly as he would have liked. Betrayal is in the air and now he must fight to clear his name in the agency and most importantly survive. We pick up the action with Agent 47 stuck high in the rafters of an old abandoned library with cops swarming everywhere, can he get out alive? Hit the jump to find out!

As the demo started it was clear than this is no ordinary Hitman title. This one is different and by a long way. The developers have almost reinvented the series with new tech and a far deeper, cinematic story. As Agent 47 descends down to the ground floor of the library, making sure to stay in the shadows and making full use of the new cover-to-cover system, you get the feeling that this Hitman title is going to work. It runs so well on the PS3 it was played on, and the texturing, lighting and sound design blew me away from the first opening scene.

The newest feature in Hitman Absolution is his ability to use Instinct. By tapping a button the environment bleeds the colour out, allowing the player to see the world through the eyes of Agent 47. It can be used to show the player how Agent 47 would expect an enemy to patrol a certain area, or view an environment when looking for ways to escape.

Disguises are back and this time they are far more prevalent than in any other game in the series. Square Enix told us that not only will we have a wider range, but once in those disguises we will be able to interact with certain objects as a sort of cover, depending on what disguise you are wearing. A awesome way to blend in, but be careful you might see someone the dead guy you are impersonating knows.

Choice has always been the main focus of the Hitman franchise. Even if you are not the kind that likes to sneak around in the shadows, you always have the choice to do it your way. Grab a hostage and run out the back door, guns a blazing! It is entirely your choice.

In all Hitman Absolution is looking like an amazing, well polished title that is going to revolutionise the series. I am glad that Square Enix has taken this leap of faith with Absolution and tried things never before seen in a Hitman game. Trust me on this one when I say keep a eye out, Hitman Absolution will blow you away!

Last Updated: June 9, 2011

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