E3 2012: Square Enix unveils the next-gen future of Final Fantasy graphics

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Much to the relief of our wallets, this year at E3 has seen no mention of next generation consoles from either Sony or Microsoft. But while we may not be seeing any future successor hardware for at least another year, that doesn’t mean that software is lagging behind as well.

Square Enix recently unveiled their own new game-building software, and using Final Fantasy as an example, they showed what exactly they’re going to be capable of in the future.

What Square Enix showed, in their pictures and Agni’s Philosphy video, is the Luminous Engine, which Kotaku says will run games that look like current CGI high production quality visuals, in “real-time”.

Even when the hardware and software eventually meet for this engine, expect it to still be a while before it reaches this level of quality, as most launch games won’t be able to harness this level of quality from the outset.

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The future of androgynous protagonists with flawless skin and massive weapons is looking pretty neat so far.

Last Updated: June 6, 2012

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