E3 2012: This is not a lucky day for Leon in Resident Evil 6

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Resident Evil may be as popular and as relevant as ever, but hardcore fans have been bemoaning the lack of horror, and the emphasis on action in the current games in the franchise. Well brace yourself, as this Resident Evil game has, wait for it…


Capcom’s Sasaki and Kobayashi are on stage to present the game, as Leon Kennedy finds himself navigating a city in chaos. Zombies are everywhere, the streets are blocked with crashed and burning cars, and the military is woefully overwhelmed.

We shift to proper gameplay here, as Leon navigates through back-alleys and streets, fighting off zombies, and forgetting the cardinal rule, of aiming for the head. A few quick-time events get him out of danger, as he runs, guns, kicks and stabs his way through the hordes with gameplay tweaked from RE 4 and 5, before rejoining colleagues and escaping on a helicopter.

Things go south pretty quick however, as Leon crashes into an abandoned theatre, barely surviving the baysplosion. Did I say abandoned? Ha, oh no, it’s totally crawling with dozens of zombies, eager for a quick bite of Leon.

It looks like Resident Evil is as explosive as ever, with touches of suspense thrown into the mix. Whether or not the game will submerge itself into both action and horror themes is still unclear, but even if more kinetic approach doesn’t satisfy you, the game looks really damn good so far.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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