E3 2012: THQ upset by conspiracy theories

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Earlier this week, EA announced that it had secured the licence to UFC. Following that, news broke that THQ had shuttered it’s San Diego studio – the one responsible for UFC games – leading many to believe it was timed to bury the news under E3 hype.

THQ wants you to believe otherwise.

"It’s a conspiracy theory to think we were trying to bury the news in E3,” said new THQ underboss Jason Rubin. “You can flip that and and ask what was the best time for the UFC and EA to announce their new partnership? Obviously, E3. It’s simply not the case that we tried to bury it at E3."

Denying the allegation, while justifying the way they handled the studio closure, he said:

"It is an extremely painful thing to have to lay someone off, especially in this economy. We did right by them. We did much more than was required by California law to help them."

The studio cut was necessary, he affirmed.

"it’s essential for THQ to focus on its future," Rubin said, adding that "as far as development goes and as far as teams go we are the perfect size to go forward."

I agree that the studio cut was necessary, and a part of this volatile industry. with THQ no longer handling a UFC product, they no longer need the team responsible for it – but I still think that the way it was done – with the team finding out their employment on the day of the announcement, was poor form.

I think THQ was trying to avoid bad press – but thanks to the Streisand effect, it seems they may have gotten the reverse.

Last Updated: June 6, 2012

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