E3 2012: Who stole The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

During the excitement of seeing all those brand new IP’s at Sony’s keynote a lot of people missed a huge glaring omission from the line up.

Cast your mind back to E3 2010 where Sony came out and blew us all away with that incredible trailer for The Last Guardian which was coming soon, then in 2011 it was reshown and still looked pretty incredible but it wasn’t given as much stage time as expected.

And now at E3 2012 The Last Guardian didn’t even make it into a montage.

In December last year the first reports surfaced of the game being canned after its lead developer resigned from Sony but was then instantly re-hired as a freelancer.

However at the time Sony was adamant that the game wasn’t cancelled and that it was progressing wonderfully and we’d all be amazed when it finally was revealed.

Well Sony, what happened?

Last Updated: June 6, 2012

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