E3 2013 starts today, here is your conference schedule

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E3 only officially starts tomorrow in Los Angeles but today is possible the most important day as it is the day that all the big gaming giants have their conferences and showcase what’s coming in the next 12 months.

And with this being a console release year these conferences are more important than ever and obviously we have you covered.

Most of the conferences are allowing live streaming and those that do will be viewable here with – and also live covered by Geoff and Darryn.

You’re going to have to be a night owl to catch them all though, here are the times and links that will start working around 10 minutes before the start of each conference.

  • 18:30 – Microsoft: Can they redeem themselves?
  • 21:30 – EA Games: Are we going to see some new IP’s?
  • 23:30 – Ubisoft: If they don’t reveal Good and Evil 2 Zoe will kill them.
  • 02:30 – Sony: The force must be strong for you to be awake at this time

So by this time tomorrow everyone would have shown their hands and the fans of both sides can stop claiming that people are ignorant and they can be judged solely on merit.

So who’s going to win E3? Will it be one of the hardware guys or are we going to see some software that blows us all away. Remember just because Activision doesn’t have a conference doesn’t mean we aren’t going to see a lot of their titles in the hardware conferences. The same goes for Bungie and the other smaller studios.

Last Updated: June 10, 2013

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