E3 2014 – Talking, looking and playing with Disney Infinity 2.0

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And for my final bit of E3 coverage, I’m dipping back into Disney Infinity 2.0. You’ve already read my impressions of the game, and if you were bunking class that day, here’s the short version: I liked it. I liked it quite a bit. Now to see some of it in action!

Here’s a final set of videos to show off my love for the Disney property. First off, we have a quick interview with a Disney Infinity dev over the skill trees and Toybox modes that have been significantly improved upon:

Then we have a look at the new figures in the third dimension:

And finally some footage of the game in action, as I web-sling and fly through New York. And also try my hand at some of the new construction modes:

The game is out in September. I can’t wait to empty my bank account on all those figures when it hits current and new-gen platforms.

Last Updated: June 23, 2014

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