E3 2015 in pictures – The Microsoft Press Conference

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Xbox E3 2015 (95)

Microsoft was back on track last year. With Phil Spencer in charge of the gaming division, there was a bigger shift towards catering to people who bought a console to play games. This year however? That point was hammered home once again, and then some.

And really, it’s all to do with owning an older console and being able to play older-generation games on it. Backwards compatibility is finally coming to the Xbox One, with Microsoft dropping a nuclear-tipped bombshell on the Galen Center audience. It was easily the biggest announcement of the night. Bigger than Gears Of War getting a remaster. Bigger than Gears of War 4 (Or Gears Of Phwooar as I like to call it).

But there were still some other gems hidden in the show. Cuphead’s Looney Tune stylings took me completely by surprise, while my offhand comment about Battletoads being a kak game and severly overrated earned me a beating from several burly Rare Software fans. Still, it was a great show, with plenty of highlights and not a single utterance of “teeveeteeveeteevee”.

Bravo Microsoft. Your E3 is off to a fine start.

Last Updated: June 16, 2015

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